1.365.a grayscale journey., 2022


Life isn’t black and white; it’s a grayscale.

The pandemic confined me to a house in Amsterdam, and the most natural thing to happen was to make me lose my motivation for everything. I lost my job, I lost my savings, and, above all, I lost my will to create.

Between black and white, the days got better, a steady job restored my passion to create, and I realized it was time to pick up the camera again. Like anyone who throws resolutions into the air at the beginning of the year, on January 1, 2022, after capturing an image on the way to Carcavelos beach, Lisbon, the challenge arose: “What if, to regain discipline, I create a photograph per day?”

The truth is that I would also like to understand how my personality would react to such demanding task. What would the sensations be? Would I have the focus to create every day, depending on my emotional state? If so, what would be the outcome of this approach? I had no idea, but it was an experiment I was willing to do.

Here are some highlights of 2022.