"Our Activities"

The idea was to gather all these activities with the respective information, in a clean, colorful, and minimal design. Also supported with photos and maps where clients can find each activity.

A book that helps clients to have a wonderful experience  and explore all the 1700 acres of this rural touristic property.


3 examples that represent a huge poster portfolio created to promote the Herdade dos Grous program, such as activities, events, workshops and menus.



Follows the book design line with personalised photos and icons, and share information about the 3 main tourism services of Herdade dos Grous: Accommodation, Wine Tasting and Birdwatching.

Informative Panel

Herdade dos Grous is a property with 1700 hectares of territory with a rich natural heritage, namely bird species. To improve the tourist offer, like Birdwatching, and promoting nature pedestrian routes were built around the reservoir of Grous.

As a Biologist, I was responsible for the field research: species monitoring, route planning, and purchase of structures and equipment needed to offer a better experience for clients.

Then as a Graphic Designer, I developed the panels: construction of maps, design of custom icons, choice of information, and writing both in Portuguese and English language.

Social Media

Herdade dos Grous was present only on Facebook with around 6k followers.  After an intensive planning, we started to connect on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. We created content for all the social media platforms promoting products, services and environmental projects from the company. Currently, Herdade dos Grous engages with more than 11k followers only on Facebook and 2k on Instagram.

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© 2020 Luís Salvador